August 17, 2023 Press Releases

Arizona Democratic Party Response to Superintendent Horne’s Encouragement of Transphobic Bathroom Bans

ARIZONA Today, The Arizona Department of Education released a hate filled statement from Superintendent Tom Horne encouraging “all schools to enact policies that don’t allow biological boys in girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, or showers.” This isn’t the first time Arizona Republicans have pushed hateful policies attacking transgender youth– just this legislative session Republican extremists attempted to pass a bathroom ban in schools statewide that was swiftly condemned and vetoed by Governor Hobbs.

“Tom Horne’s call for a bathroom ban just as the new school year kicks off is another attempt by extreme Republicans to stoke fear, division, and hate in the classroom,” said Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party, Morgan Dick. “This transphobia is unacceptable and risks the safety of transgender students in classrooms across Arizona. Arizona’s public schools must be a place where all students can not only safely learn, grow, and thrive – but be fully accepted for who they are. Rather than working towards a better educational experience for our students, Tom Horne spends his time attacking transgender Arizonans for simply existing in the classroom.”