December 12, 2022 Press Releases

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Statement on Senator Sinema

PHOENIX- After Senator Sinema released a statement that she changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Independent, the Arizona Democratic Party released the following statement from Chair Raquel Terán:

“Arizona Democrats pride ourselves in being a voice for all Arizonans. This election cycle, our Democratic candidates delivered wins up and down the ticket with a broad coalition of voters including Independents and Republicans. Democrats have shown Arizonans they are guided by Arizona values above all else. Democrats know that all Arizonans want good paying jobs, an equitable economy, and a chance at a better future. Through several pieces of historic legislation and Senator Sinema’s help, Democrats have made huge headway on delivering that for Arizonans.

However, Arizonans also need their voting rights protected and corporations to pay their fair share. Unfortunately in those areas, Senator Sinema has fallen dramatically short leaving Arizonans behind. As a party, we welcome Independent voters and their perspectives. Senator Sinema may now be registered as an Independent, but she has shown she answers to corporations and billionaires, not Arizonans. Senator Sinema’s party registration means nothing if she continues to not listen to her constituents.”