October 6, 2020 Press Releases

Another McSally Health Care Lie

Another Martha McSally Health Care Lie

PHOENIX — Yet again, Martha McSally just lied about her record of voting to eliminate pre-existing condition coverage protections.

On top of past votes — and numerous independent fact checks calling out her lies — McSally is currently standing by a lawsuit that will eliminate the coverage protections entirely, letting insurance companies “charge higher premiums” to people with pre-existing conditions.

Quick facts:

  • PolitiFact has reported it’s “False” that McSally “will always protect those with preexisting conditions.”
  • That’s because McSally has voted at least four times to undermine or eliminate pre-existing condition coverage protections.
  • Washington Post has reported that McSally is standing by Republicans’ health care lawsuit to eliminate pre-existing condition coverage protections entirely, allowing insurance companies to “charge higher premiums” for older Arizonans and those with pre-existing conditions.
  • McSally’s one proposed “solution” — Association Health Plans — have been criticized by the AARP because the plans let insurance companies charge higher premiums for older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions.