December 10, 2019 Press Releases

Another Broken Promise: McSally Fails On Fort Huachuca Funding

Another Broken Promise: McSally Fails To Restore Raided Fort Huachuca Funding

The NDAA has no replacement Fort Huachuca funding, despite McSally’s promise it would “be seamlessly provided”
Previously: McSally voted 3 times to support the $30 million raid from Fort Huachuca

PHOENIX — After voting three times to let Trump raid $30 million from a Fort Huachuca military construction project, Martha McSally has now failed in her subsequent promise to secure replacement funding for Fort Huachuca in the FY2020 NDAA.

MCSALLY PROMISE: During a 9/23/19 telephone town hall, McSally promised that she would use her role on the NDAA conference committee to secure the funding, saying, “So as we work through our Senate and House differences that funding will be seamlessly provided.”

**Listen to McSally’s telephone town hall backfill promise here**

REALITY: The FY2020 NDAA contains no such provision to replace the $30 million McSally voted to let Trump raid from Arizona.

In the past year, McSally has voted 3 times to support Trump’s ability to raid the $30 million from Fort Huachuca, in: March 2019September 2019, and October 2019.

McSally’s repeated support for the Fort Huachuca funding raid came even after the Department of the Army said the $30 million project was necessary to address “unsafe” conditions for service members and to “promote a healthier, safer work environment.”