October 26, 2020 Press Releases

Ahead of Trump Visit, “Older Arizona Voters Sour on Trump”

Monday, October 26, 2020

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Ahead of Trump Visit, “Older Arizona Voters Sour on Trump”

Trump’s Botched Pandemic Response, Failed Leadership Driving Away Seniors’ Support

PHOENIX — Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to Arizona this week, older Arizonans are abandoning Trump as a result of his disastrous pandemic response and failed leadership, according to a new AARP poll which shows Joe Biden leading Trump with older Arizona voters.

Arizona Family’s Dennis Welch reports that “Donald Trump has lost a lot of support” with older Arizonans due in part to his failure to contain the coronavirus. Craig Warth, a 63-year-old Valley resident who voted for Trump in 2016 but plans to vote for Biden, told Welch that Trump “already lost my trust and that’s the major thing” because of his failed leadership.

The Arizona Democratic Party previously held a press call where older Arizonans — including President of AFSCME Arizona Retirees Roman Ulman, Vietnam Veteran Vic Peterson, Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans President Saundra Cole, and cancer patient Fred Barlam — criticized Trump’s broken promises and failed leadership, including his attempts to gut Social Security.

President of AFSCME Arizona Retirees Roman Ulman: “Trump is threatening the viability of Medicare with his payroll tax suspension by cutting off the main source of funding to the programs, which he said he may extend further if he wins reelection.”

Vietnam Veteran Vic Peterson: “From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has denied the reality of the crisis and never took action to stop the spread. … There are so many people, including seniors, whose lives could have been saved if he acted sooner.”

Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans President Saundra Cole: “This president and his whole administration wants to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. We have to fight for it together. Please vote like our livelihoods depend on it, because as seniors, it does this time.”

Cancer patient Fred Barlam criticized Trump’s failed pandemic response, saying: “Seniors have been hit the hardest by Trump’s failure to confront and control the coronavirus pandemic. We know better than to trust him again.”