January 9, 2020 Press Releases

After Calling Trial Witness Testimony “A Minefield,” McSally Balks At Bolton Testimony

After Comparing Impeachment Trial Witness Testimony To “Walking Into A Minefield,” Martha McSally Backs Sham Rules and Balks At Subpoena for Key Witness

CNN: McSally “dodged questions,” “would not respond directly” when asked about Bolton

Previously: Bolton reportedly called Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme a “drug deal”

PHOENIX — This week, unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally doubled down on her opposition to witness testimony and a fair impeachment trial that examines all of the facts and evidence.

When asked about backing a Senate subpoena to secure testimony from former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton — who reportedly slammed Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme as a “drug deal” — McSally “dodged questions” from reporters and “would not respond directly.”

McSally’s ongoing opposition to a fair trial comes after she was caught on tape expressing fears about what “some people” might say if they’re allowed to testify during a Senate impeachment trial. In closed-door remarks to supporters, McSally touted Mitch McConnell’s plan to let the White House control terms of the trial, and likened allowing witness testimony to “inadvertently planting our own landmines and walking into a minefield.”

From the Associated Press last month:

McSally… said Republicans are working through the best way to handle a trial “without inadvertently planting our own landmines and walking into a minefield.”

“If we want to drag in some people, some other people may get dragged in, and, you know, we don’t know how that’s going to go,” she said.

McSally’s support for sham trial rules and her refusal to hear from critical witnesses with firsthand knowledge leaves no doubt: Martha McSally is more interested in assisting Mitch McConnell’s partisan cover-up than in gathering all the facts.