October 14, 2021 Press Releases

ADP Statement on Olson’s Campaign for U.S. Senate

PHOENIX — Today another — yes, another — Republican jumped into the crowded, combative GOP Senate primary. Following Justin Olson’s campaign launch, ADP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer released the following statement:

“Welcome, Justin Olson, to this expensive, chaotic, clown-car of a GOP primary. As the former CFO of Turning Point USA, Olson is already well-versed in the unpopular and alienating issues that have dominated the GOP primary so far: the sham “audit,” opposing abortion rights, and opposing bipartisan infrastructure. Olson will fit right in with the other out-of-touch candidates in the race, and his late entry cements just how wide-open and nasty this primary will continue to be with 10 months to go before next year’s August election.”

Here’s what you need to know about the Arizona GOP primary and Justin Olson:

  • The gloves have already come off. Candidates have wasted no time going after each other – sniping about everything from who was most supportive of former President Trump to who is actually qualified to run in the first place. The Super PAC backing Blake Masters has even run tv ads hitting Mark Brnovich on the “audit.”

  • This race is already expensive, and Olson’s entry just upped the price tag. Blake Masters has the backing of a $10 million Silicon Valley Super PAC already running ads on his behalf. And within days of his launch, Jim Lamon went up on TV airing ads in both Arizona and at President Trump’s New Jersey golf course.

  • Olson’s late entry shows how unimpressive Republicans view the current field of candidates. While Blake Masters and Mark Brnovich are trying to talk up their fundraising numbers, both of which pale in comparison to Senator Mark Kelly’s $8 million quarter, everyone else is just shaking their heads.