September 15, 2021 Press Releases

ADP Statement on Brnovich Lawsuit Against Plan to End Pandemic

PHOENIX — Today, Attorney General Mark Brnovich – who has refused to share if he is vaccinated – continued his streak of indifference towards the needs of Arizonans by wasting taxpayer dollars in a politically motivated lawsuit against a common-sense plan to increase vaccinations and end the pandemic.

President Biden’s incredibly popular plan will prevent Arizona from entering another lockdown – where schools are closed and businesses are shuttered. But naturally, Brnovich couldn’t let that happen after one of his primary opponents attacked him for allowing businesses to require vaccines or testing for their employees.

This lawsuit continues Brnovich’s record of blatantly using his own office for political gain. As a reminder, in the past 3 weeks Brnovich has threatened to gut critical public safety funding from both Maricopa County and Tucson.

In response to this lawsuit, Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán released the following statement:

“Once more, Mark Brnovich is using his office for political gain, even as that means endangering Arizonans. His actions today show that Brnovich cares more about scoring political points in his GOP primary than he does taking real steps to end this pandemic. Arizonans now clearly see that their public health and public safety will never be more important to Brnovich than his own political ambitions.”