November 8, 2019 Press Releases

ADP On Arizona GOP’s Ongoing Effort To Gut Health Care Protections

ADP Statement On Arizona Republicans’ Ongoing Legal Effort To Gut Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Protections

For the past year, Arizona AG Mark Brnovich and national Republicans have tried to strike down pre-existing condition coverage protections as “unconstitutional”


PHOENIX — Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Herschel Fink issued the following statement in response to reports that Arizona Republicans including Attorney General Mark Brnovich are scrambling to come up with a health care plan as they continue their legal effort to fully strike down coverage protections for the 2.8 million Arizonans who have a pre-existing condition:

“Following nearly a decade of votes to gut health care coverage protections, national Republicans and AG Mark Brnovich have spent the past year fighting to legally strike down pre-existing condition coverage protections as ‘unconstitutional.’

“Arizonans know that it’s Democrats who are fighting to lower health care costs, expand access, and secure pre-existing condition coverage protections, while Republicans like Martha McSally continue their efforts to gut coverage protections and reward their corporate backers at the expense of Arizonans.”