July 15, 2021 Press Releases

ADP Chair Raquel Terán: Biden’s Expanded Child Tax Cut will Help AZ Families “Put Groceries in the Kitchen, Shoes on Children’s Feet”

PHOENIX –– This morning on Good Morning Arizona, ADP Chairwoman Raquel Terán spoke with Arizona’s Family’s Javier Soto to highlight the expanded Child Tax Credit payments that hit Arizona bank accounts starting today thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress.

The families of more than 1.5 million Arizona families are set to benefit from this historic middle-class tax cut, no thanks to every GOP member of Congress who voted against it. As part of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, 90% of American families will see monthly payments to help cover groceries, school supplies, and child care expenses.


“What this means is families who are earning $150,000 or less will be receiving a tax credit of $250 per child over six, or $300 per child under six. Almost 90% of families across the country will see some sort of relief in their bank accounts—this is pretty impressive, and it’s all thanks to President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress,” said Chairwoman Terán. “These dollars will help to put groceries in the kitchen, shoes on children’s feet, buy school supplies, and it’s just a great opportunity for our economy to get back on track.”