September 25, 2018 Press Releases

ADP Chair Felecia Rotellini: Attacks on Sinema’s Homelessness ‘Disrespectful and Offensive’

PHOENIX — Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini released the following statement in response to attacks by the RNC and Congresswoman McSally’s campaign regarding Kyrsten Sinema’s childhood homelessness:

“When I saw the disrespectful and offensive attacks on Congresswoman Sinema I was shocked at how low Congresswoman McSally’s political allies will stoop to attack and mock a woman for sharing her childhood experience of homelessness. Kyrsten has always fought so that everyday Arizonans could get ahead, and these attacks by McSally’s campaign and her allies make clear that they just don’t get what families go through. Shame on these Republicans for playing gutter politics just to distract from their dangerous agenda to undermine our health care, Medicare, and Social Security.”