March 3, 2020 Press Releases

McSally opposes HR 3 to lower drug costs

McSally Opposes Bipartisan H.R. 3 Bill To Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Instead, McSally has pushed a more “limited” proposal under which “few drugs may be impacted

PHOENIX — Today, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally once again declined to support H.R. 3, the bipartisan, U.S. House-passed bill that’s estimated to lower prescription drug costs, but which is opposed by a pharmaceutical industry-linked group that’s spent $1 million to support McSally’s 2020 campaign.

During a telephone town hall today, McSally was asked why she hasn’t come out in support of the bipartisan H.R. 3 plan to lower drug prices.

But rather than support the bipartisan bill, McSally instead talked about a bill that she announced over a week ago, but has yet to introduce, following expert criticism.

The only problem: Experts have looked at McSally’s alternative proposal and “see a number of ways in which her plan looks to be weaker” than H.R. 3, the bipartisan House plan.

Instead, compared to H.R. 3, which will empower Medicare to negotiate down the cost of the most expensive prescription drugs, “few drugs may be impacted” under McSally’s more “limited” proposal.

“After tens of thousands of dollars in campaign checks from pharmaceutical corporations — and $1 million in TV ad support from a pharma-linked group — it’s no surprise that Senator McSally won’t take on big pharma and support H.R. 3 which will empower Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices on the most expensive drugs,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson.