March 3, 2020 Press Releases

Will McSally Oppose Trump’s Raid?

Will McSally Stand Up For Arizona And Oppose Trump’s Funding Raid  During This Week’s Armed Services Hearings?

After 18 days of saying nothing, McSally must stand up for Arizona and speak out against Trump’s new military funding raid that could harm Arizona

PHOENIX — After 18 days of refusing to stand up for Arizona or say anything about the Trump administration’s new military funding raid, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally must this week publicly come out against the raid and lay out her plan to ensure that Arizona’s military assets and service members won’t be hurt by Trump’s latest move.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, McSally’s Senate Armed Services Committee will hear budget-related testimony from the Air Force Secretary and the Secretary of Defense. McSally must use the hearings to do what she’s been unwilling to do over the past two weeks: stand up for Arizona.

Arizona reporters have been asking for McSally to comment on the funding raid since it was first reported that “Arizona military bases could take a big hit.”

But McSally has said nothing to oppose or comment on the raid, which follows her three 2019 votes to let Trump raid $30 million from a construction project at Fort Huachuca.

In contrast to McSally, U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema clearly condemned the new raid for “unnecessarily risk[ing] resources for Arizona servicemembers and national security” — explaining that the F-35 program at Luke Air Force Base could face cuts, as well as the Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Test Center in Tucson.

“After nearly three weeks of silently backing Trump’s new military funding raid, Arizonans deserve answers from Senator McSally on what she’s going to do to stand up against these cuts and protect Arizona’s military assets and servicemembers,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson.

Questions Martha McSally still needs to answer on Trump’s new funding raid:

  • Does McSally support the President’s new raid that could cut funding for projects in Arizona, including the F-35 program at Luke AFB and Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Test Center in Tucson?

  • What specific actions will McSally take to oppose this new military funding raid that could impact Arizona bases and servicemembers?

  • Over the past year, McSally has repeatedly voted to sell out Arizona, then broken promises to protect and restore funding for Arizona military projects. Why should Arizonans trust her on this issue?