March 2, 2020 Press Releases

Everyday Americans and Arizonans Have Been Left Out Of Trump’s Economy

Everyday Americans and Arizonans Have Been Left Out Of Trump’s Economy
PHOENIX – Trump’s economy only works for the extremely wealthy and big corporations. Everyday people have been left out, including Arizonans Trump promised to help but has since forgotten. Just look at what is happening across the country and in Arizona:

Arizona is in the midst of an Affordable Housing Crisis

KJZZ: “Arizona now has the third-most-severe affordable-housing shortage in the country, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. That means that for every 100 extremely low-income people in the state, there are only 25 potential places they could afford to live.”

Fox News: “Hundreds of retirees who flocked to Arizona for its warm weather and affordable housing are finding that houses are not so cheap after all — and many are being left out in the street.”

The typical US worker can no longer afford a family on a year’s salary

Business Insider: “The increase in so many disparate costs shows that middle-class Americans carry several financial burdens — they’re behind on homeownership, lagging in retirement savings, and have debt to pay off.”

AZ Central: “More than a decade into the national economic recovery, many Arizona residents continue to struggle — something that’s not always reflected in top-line economic statistics…many people who lost jobs during the recession haven’t been able to find replacement work offering the same pay, benefits or even hours. Arizona’s rural counties “have been hit much harder and are seeing a slower recovery.”

Farm bankruptcies are up 20% last year to the most since 2011, driven by Trump’s failed trade policy
CNN: “US farm bankruptcies were up 20% in 2019, despite the billions of dollars in aid President Donald Trump has paid to farmers hurt by the trade war with China. That’s the highest level since 2011, following the Great Recession, according to court data analyzed by the American Farm Bureau.”

KJZZ: “President Trump tweeted an all-caps promise to bail out U.S. farmers. The president’s comments come amid growing signs that the January trade deal with China is not measuring up to White House expectations. According to the Farm Service Agency (a branch of the USDA), Arizona has received approximately $47 million in federal payments since federal tariffs against China began, less than 1% of total payments made to states.”

“Every Arizonanan deserves the opportunity to succeed but many working-class families are being left behind in Trump’s unfair economy. Instead of standing up for them, Trump has given a tax break to the wealthiest few and large corporations. Arizona voters are ready to elect leaders who will work for them,” said Matt Grodsky, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party.