July 1, 2019 Press Releases

5 Questions Martha McSally Should Answer This Week

5 Questions Martha McSally Should Answer This Week

With Martha McSally back from “the swamp” this week, here are some questions she should answer while in Arizona

PHOENIX — With the U.S. Senate out of session this week, Martha McSally is back in Arizona. Here are some questions McSally should have to answer:

1. On pre-existing condition coverage protections — You’ve said “It’s not my role” to stand up for Arizonans’ health care access and oppose the Brnovich-Trump-GOP lawsuit to dismantle coverage protections for Arizonans with pre-existing conditions. Ahead of the lawsuit’s July 9 oral arguments, what are you doing to oppose efforts to eliminate health care coverage for Arizonans?

2. On voting to let Trump unilaterally go to war with Iran — Last Friday, you voted against requiring that “President Trump come to Congress before engaging militarily with Iran.” How can you justify this abdication of congressional authority that would allow Trump to go to war without Congress’ approval?
3. On failing to put Arizonans first and pass a DACA fix — You’ve said, “It is Congress’ job to address the status and future of the DACA population.” But you have been in Congress for four-and-a-half years and are now part of the Republican Senate majority that has refused to take up a bipartisan House bill to protect Arizona DACA recipients. Why did you take your name off a bipartisan fix for DACA recipients in the House last year? Doesn’t your political opportunism make you part of the problem in Washington?
4. On failing to display any independence — Since Mitch McConnell lobbied to have you appointed to the Senate, you’ve voted to confirm every single Trump judicial nominee that has faced a vote on the Senate floor. What message does your lack of independence send to Arizonans who expect their U.S. Senator to put them first, over any political party?

5. On GOP plans for uranium mining near the Grand Canyon — Will you commit to opposing any Trump administration efforts to open up the Grand Canyon area for uranium mining?