July 21, 2021 Press Releases

5 Questions GOP Senate Primary Candidates Must Answer Before Trump’s Visit

PHOENIX — On Saturday, former President Trump is headed to Phoenix, where he’ll no doubt continue spreading dangerous lies and conspiracies around the 2020 election while supporting policies that actively hurt Arizonans as we emerge from this global pandemic.

Lamon, McGuire, Brnovich, and Masters have all shown that when it comes down to it, they’ll always stand with Trump, even when that means standing against Arizonans. So ahead of his visit, Arizonans deserve answers on these important questions:

  1. The sham “audit” has proven dangerous and completely untrustworthy. Will they reject any so-called “results” before they’re released for the sake of Arizona’s democracy and trust in our elections?

  2. Would they have voted against bringing vital COVID relief and middle-class tax cuts to Arizonans through the American Rescue Plan?

  3. National Republicans have continued calls to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, a stance that would gut protections for pre-existing conditions and hike health care costs. Do these candidates want to repeal the Affordable Care Act?

  4. Do the GOP primary candidates stand with National Republicans who want to privatize Social Security? And will they promise never to support any cuts to the all-too-important Medicare program?

  5. Do the GOP primary candidates support the bipartisan infrastructure framework that Senator Kelly has worked on with Republicans and Democrats to address major infrastructure needs across Arizona?