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2017 Reminder: McSally Complained About Trump First

A 2017 Reminder: Martha McSally Complained About Donald Trump First

Trump made headlines last week for complaining about McSally. But McSally complained about Trump ruining her political career first — three years ago, this week.

PHOENIX — Last week, it was widely reported that Donald Trump is personally worried that Martha McSally is hurting his reelection chances in Arizona. But, back in May 2017, it was McSally who first got caught on tape complaining that Trump would hurt her political career, three years ago this week.

In May 2017, McSally — who may have voted for Clinton over Trump in 2016 — was caught on tape complaining about Trump’s “minefield” of “distractions” during a closed-door meeting with the Arizona Bankers Association. McSally also complained about having to be “responsible for everything [Trump] does,” predicting that Trump would hand control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Democrats in 2018.

McSally has come a long way since then. Hoping to win a tough GOP Senate primary against Joe Arpaio and Kelli Ward in 2018, McSally quickly reinvented herself with a campaign centered around her pro-Trump credentials. She hasn’t looked back since — although McSally’s campaign consultants partially blamed Trump for her 2018 loss.

Today, McSally is “fully supportive” of his agenda, which includes the GOP lawsuit to “terminate” pre-existing condition coverage protections and let insurance companies increase premiums on older Arizonans and people with pre-existing conditions, including those who are recovering from COVID-19.

Now, Trump is the one panicking that Martha McSally is weighing him down in Arizona — with a flurry of recent coverage highlighting the White House’s worries that McSally will be a drag on Trump come November…

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