May 27, 2020 Press Releases

600,000 Arizonans Have Filed For Benefits As State Unemployment Rate Hits 17%

PHOENIX – Nearly 25,000 Arizonans filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits last week. This brings the total since the COVID-19 outbreak to 601,518. The unemployment rate for Arizona is now a staggering 17%. 

The COVID-19 emergency has decimated Arizona’s economy. While Democrats work to provide relief to Americans, Trump has expressed opposition to extending unemployment insurance that expires in July and Republicans have opted for slow-walking new stimulus measures despite the ongoing crisis.

To add insult to injury, Trump’s own Senior White House economic adviser recently said US unemployment rates are likely to spike in June at “north of 20%” and could still be in the double digits through November. 

“Every election cycle a President asks the American people if they are better off than they were four years ago,” said Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, “With over 600,000 Arizonans filing for unemployment benefits and more than 800 lives lost, the answer is pretty clear. It is time for new leadership in Washington.”