November 6, 2019 Press Releases

1 Year Post-Loss, McSally Keeps Adding To Toxic Health Care Record

One Year After 2018 Loss, Martha McSally Keeps Adding To Her Toxic Health Care Record
PHOENIX — One year after Arizonans rejected Martha McSally on Election Day 2018, McSally is continuing to embrace and add to her toxic record of voting to gut pre-existing condition coverage protections and drive up health care costs:

Doubling down on long record of voting to increase costs, gut coverage — 
Ever since first running for office in 2012, McSally has campaigned on and voted to gut and repeal coverage protections, including protections for people who have a pre-existing condition — of which there are 2.8 million here in Arizona.

McSally hasn’t shied away from that record this year, despite complaining ahead of the 2018 election, that she was “getting my ass kicked” over votes to gut coverage. Instead, McSally has said it’s “fake news” that’s she’s shifted her position.

Taking new votes to undermine health care coverage protections — While standing by her toxic record, McSally has continued to take votes to enrich her corporate insurance industry backers at the expense of Arizonans. Just last week, McSally voted to protect a GOP expansion of so-called “junk” health insurance plans — plans that jeopardize care for Arizonans but let McSally’s insurance industry backers ignore pre-existing condition coverage protections, deny Essential Health Benefits coverage, and even charge older people more for coverage, which the AARP calls an “age tax.” 

Standing by GOP lawsuit to gut health care coverage protections — Simultaneously, McSally has for months refused to stand up for Arizonans’ health care and oppose her party’s lawsuit to fully gut pre-existing condition coverage protections. Instead, McSally has said, “It’s not my role” to do so — even though she voted to enable the suit with her support for the 2017 GOP tax law.

A GOP victory in the lawsuit would be a disaster for Arizonans, it would bring a massive payday for McSally’s wealthy, corporate special interest donors: “The nation’s top 0.001% […] would receive a combined $3.8 billion in tax cuts if the law is overturned, according to the report.”

“One year ago today, Arizonans rejected Martha McSally over her record of putting her corporate backers first in Washington, including her votes to gut health care coverage protections and drive up costs,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Brad Bainum. “Sadly, since being appointed to the Senate, McSally has only continued to sell out Arizonans’ health care access — all to benefit her big corporate donors.”