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Jun 3, 2012

Healthcare Is A Privilege — Jesse Kelly In His Own Words

CONTACT: Frank Camacho

Thirteen Unlucky Days of Jesse Kelly In His Own Words: Not the leadership we need 

9 days until the election: Just imagine what the next 6 months will look like if he wins 

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June 3,2012

Tucson, AZ—Tea Party candidate Jesse Kelly has said some pretty outrageous things over the last three years. As we count down the final two weeks of the special election, we are reviewing some of the worst.

Jesse Kelly April 23, 2012: 

Jesse Kelly:
If you're claiming a right, you're going to say anything's a right. If you're going to say you have a right to a cell phone, then who has a responsibility to pay for it? That's what I believe.

Gentleman in audience:
Do you put that healthcare as a privilege then?

Jesse Kelly:
Absolutely. Absolutely. I believe that all things we have are. But they're privileges that you earn.

Jesse Kelly and his Tea Party Republicans: Too extreme for Southern Arizona.

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