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The LGBT Caucus is a branch of the Arizona Democratic Party that works to ensure that all Arizonans are treated equally and fairly. The Caucus focuses on issues that affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community, but in doing so, also fights for the equal rights of all. By electing members of the LGBT community and endorsing legislation that helps to prevent discrimination against members of this community, the LGBT Caucus helps make the state of Arizona more fair and equal, and therefore a better place to live in.

Members of the LGBT community at Phoenix Pride 2010

Help the LGBT Caucus Stand Up Against:

  • SB 1188- A senate bill signed by Governor Jan Brewer in April which gives preference to (heterosexual) married couples in adoption. This bill makes it difficult for same-sex couples or single persons to adopt children, making it hard for some caring individuals to raise a child. Help us urge Brewer to veto this legislation now!
  • DOMA & Constitutional Amendment- In addition to having legal statutes in the state’s Defense of Marriage Act voiding same-sex marriages. In November 2008, Arizona passed Proposition 102, and created a constitutional amendment to the Arizona State Constitution defining marriage as between a man and woman, limiting committed same-sex couples from the benefits that can come from such a union. Help us encourage lawmakers and fellow Arizonans to repeal this unfair amendment!

Help the LGBT Caucus Support:

  • SB 1549 & HB 2580- These two innovative bills introduced by Democrats Senator David Schapira and Representative Katie Hobbs are collectively known as The Arizona Safe Schools Act works to protect LGBT and other students against bullying in schools. Urge lawmakers to support these bills and make schools safer and better for everyone!

Elected Officials from the LGBT Community

Help support the elected officials that come from the LGBT community and work hard to push equality forward:


School Boards

  • Amy Kobeta - Phoenix Union High School District
  • Matt Jewett - Creighton School District

City/Local Governments

Public Safety

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Contact Information

Carol Comito, Co-Chair
Phone: (602)793-5326

Cj Carenza, Co-Chair
Phone: (602)573-7782

2910 North Central Ave · Phoenix, AZ 85012 · Phone: (602) 298-4200 · Fax: (602) 298-7117

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