Brewer Doesn't Speak for Me

Governor Jan Brewer is attacking Congressman Ron Barber, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Kyrsten Sinema. Have you had enough of Jan Brewer's embarrassing political statements and stunts? Sign the petition and tell Brewer to do her job and stop interfering in our elections.

The Petition

Governor Brewer's Super Pac is pouring thousands of dollars to silence your voice this election. She and her corporate special interests are funding baseless attacks on our Democratic congressional candidates. She does not represent my Arizona.

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Help us Stop Jan Brewer and her corporate specials interests

Governor Jan Brewer and her Corporate Special Interests

Governor Jan Brewer's Super Pac is funded by corporate special interests and radical Tea Party extremists.  She wants to silence our voice by pouring thousands of dollars into negative attacks against Kyrsten Sinema, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Congressman Ron Barber.

Stand up and help us fight back.  Show Governor Brewer she doesn't speak for you.

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